Move Over Matte Lips


Too Faced Cosmetics is looking to replace the matte lip craze we all fell victim to.

Matte was all that. What it wasn’t was always best for your lips.

How many of you exfoliated your lips before using a matte lipstick?

How many used a lip moisturizer before the application of the matte lipstick?

The not knowing lead to apocalypse chapped, cracked and even bleeding lips.

Too Faced came in at the right time with this product because as seasons change so has the lip game!

This bright shine, form fitting gloss accentuates every curve of your lips.

Melted latex couldn’t have been a more suitable name for this liquefied high shine lipstick. Well pigmented and not overly sticky.

Melted Matte_1.png

There are 16 colors in the collection from neutrals to bold brights.

The applicator is a classic doe foot.

Keynote here, this? is a GLOSS, while it’s long lasting it will move!  Unlike our buddy matte, the removal won’t take an oil based product or scrub to remove from your lips, leaving your lips irritated and in need of some TLC.

Que don’t go chasing waterfalls.? Chapped lips, dehydrated (you get it)

If you love a product that gives you a two for one here is an extra tip, the clear can be used on eyelids for that wet high fashion glossy eyed look.

These blindingly high shine lip glosses are available for $21.00 each at, www.ultacom,

No longer will your pout look like it’s had a drought.