The Culture of Beauty

The culture of beauty has evolved in many ways. The more things change, the more they stay the same. People want to look their best. Skincare has remained the most prevalent in the culture of beauty. 

No one wants to get older, let me rephrase that no one wants to look old. Let’s embark on a journey to Egypt. Egyptian men and women were equally concerned with beauty and skincare in their present life, as well as the after life. Mud mask, clay mask, rose oils ,donkey and goats milk are a few of the items Cleopatra used. The milk’s contained essential anti-oxidants and was great for Cell Renewal . The recipe below can help you get your Cleopatra Glow.


Cleopatra’s Milk Bath 

•1 liter of milk

•4 table spoons of honey

Allow honey to dissolve in warm bath water then add milk.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? An Ancient North African tip that helps soothes damaged brittle hair. Argan Oil.Yes you heard me right! Fast forward to today and we are still in love and using Argan oil in abundance. Apply at root and work your way down .


Excuse me? What did you Shea? I’m having way to much fun with this. Shea butter! This lavish, luxurious butter can be found in lotions, soaps and of course body butters/whips. Shea butter has also been proven to reduce inflammation. Milk isn’t the only way to get VITAMIN D . While laying out is something to be cautious of a lot of African women do just that. (Fair complexions beware, melanin reduces the chance of skin cancer in darker complexions. )The benefits from sunlight can combat bacteria like eczema, acne . Remember always wear sunscreen when being exposed to sunlight ,even when it’s not that sunny out . Another way to receive benefits from light therapy is to contact your local Esthetician and see if they offer a service where using a blue light that treats acne by shrinking oil glands. FYI, several colors can be used and each have different purposes. Red is great for Anti-aging . Below you’ll find a link to your home-care treatment .

A woman without paint is like food without salt."- Roman philosopher, Plautus.

The women of India stand beautifully at the altar or special events with henna down to their feet. Henna was not only used to mark special occasions , it was also used to dye hair. Welcome to 2018, where henna can satisfy all your eyebrow dreams. No brows, no problem. Skin sensitivities are a real thing. All semi-permanent and permanent dyes aren’t created equal. Henna is plant based which reduces chances of irritation. In fact California has dubbed eyebrow and lash tinting illegal. Henna however can be applied. Henna brows last 4 to 6 weeks. It’s a noninvasive procedure that’s sure to please.


Lavender oils were used by ancient romans for bathing . Bathing in Rome was a communal activity . Bath houses can still be found throughout Europe, who could afford a private bath in their homes were able to experience their alone time like we do today. Lavender is the MUST have essential oil of them all. According to Dr.Axe , Lavender is the most used plant/flower in the world today. The benefits of lavender were actually discovered over 2,500 years ago. Because of its powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming and antidepressive properties, lavender oil benefits in large numbers and it’s been used both cosmetically and therapeutically for centuries. It’s a no brainer why Belli Skincare added this superstar to their Pure & Pampered Body wash. With added ingredients such as  CHAMOMILE & Cucumber its a bonus. Chamomile helps to soothe aching muscles and promotes relaxation. Cucumber contains antioxidants and promotes hydration. I know you’ve seen spa day advertisements where someone is laying down in a vegetative state with cucumbers placed on their eyes ( now you know why) , the skin tissue under the eyes is very thin and can dehydrate rapidly. Dehydration can also cause darkening under the eyes . Belli offers a wonderful eye brightening cream that contains VITAMIN k, guess what also contains vitamin k? Cucumbers! 


Stay tuned as we travel in time to see the evolution of the culture of beauty!

It's the 80's baby


It’s the 80’s baby! Not really, but continuing with our blast from the past and the ever growing culture of beauty what’s old is new . 

Neon nails, side ponytails, bright eyeshadow and heavy foundation are some of the things we are currently seeing in 2018. Can you imagine if Instagram would have been around in the 80’s? Would some of the makeup inspiration be far fetched from today’s looks?

The first thing to remember when applying foundation is having a clean canvas. Having great skincare is the proper foundation for a smooth application. This goes out to my full coverage girls. 

Supplies Needed : Headband. Classic 80’s staple. Purpose keeps hair out of your face while going through your skincare/makeup routine .


Sponge: We love Beauty Blenders. This compact buoyant sponge gives the illusion of airbrushed makeup. Simply add water or your favorite setting spray and apply your foundation . For those suffering from acne we are going to suggest you buy yourself a pack of beauty wedges . These too can be used like a beauty blender but tossed away at the end of use. The reason being, we often don’t clean our tools the way we should, which allows bacteria to breed in our brushes. When you suffer from acne they must be cleaned EVERYDAY!

giphy (10).gif
  Instagram - toupou_jungle

Instagram - toupou_jungle

Cleanse- Belli Skincare Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser. Wake up! Cleanse before makeup. Golden rule here . You need a clean slate before makeup application. Remove any oil, dirt and debris from your skin. This is also a great time to locate any breakouts, skin changes. Don’t be afraid to touch your face (incomes the soap) feel for any changes, dry patches, under-grounders (those evil guys who wait like a villain around the corner waiting to pop up and ruin your day).

*Helpful Hint* Vanilla Ice was on to something with his hit Ice, Ice baby! Feeling inflamed? Grab an ice cube. Apply on freshly cleansed skin and maneuver ice over you face. After 3 to 5 mins pat dry.

logo - belli skincarecentered.PNG

Treat - Using the Acne Control Spot Treatment add a dab to existing pustules (DO NOT apply to broken, open pustules.)

Hydrate - Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator . This lightweight rich moisturizer aids in great makeup application and can be applied in conjunction with your primer. 

Are you ready to slay the day away? Go big or go home! Grab your favorite full coverage foundation and Picasso your way to a great day.

Remember the removal of makeup is just as important as the application. Sleeping with makeup can cause irritation. Before you drift off, remove makeup with our Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser. Double your fun with this dual product . After cleansing apply two quarter sized amounts of cleanser in the palm of your hand, or a small mixing bowl . Apply cleanser to your entire face with a fan brush, ( max time for masking 10 mins.) Rinse with Luke warm water, pat your face dry and apply serums, creams and mixing potions . This concludes your skincare devotion.


What is Basal Cell Carcinoma?

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma:


Very common

More than 3 million US cases per year.

Treatable by a medical professional.

Requires a medical diagnosis.

Lab tests or imaging often required.

Basal cells produce new skin cells as old ones die. Limiting sun exposure can help prevent these cells from becoming cancerous. This cancer typically appears as a white waxy lump or a brown scaly patch on sun-exposed areas, such as the face and neck.

Treatments include prescription creams or surgery to remove the cancer.

Ages affected

0-2 - Very rare 19-40 Rare

3-5 - Extremely rare . 41-60 - Common

6-13 - Extremely rare . 60+ Very Common

14-18 - Very rare (Data above provided by the Mayo Clinic)

Imagine being 38 years old hearing you have basal cell carcinoma. As the data shows that’s rare. Sean developed an odd shaped raised mole under his eye. Being an esthetician I was aware that there could be something wrong. During his first visit a biopsy was taken and within 3 days we were informed that it was in fact BASAL CELL CARCINOMA. Immediately we began thinking about the sun and all the damage it can do, did he wear enough sunblock, could he have prevented this? The answer is yes and no. BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma) isn’t hereditary but is often found in those of fair complexions .


Below are guidelines that will assist in reducing the risk:

  • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM.

  • Don’t get sunburned.

  • Avoid tanning and never use UV tanning beds.

  • Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.

  • Use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. For extended outdoor activity, use a water-resistant, broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

  • Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours or after swimming or excessive sweating.

The way BCC was removed was through a procedure called MOHS surgery. Mohs Micrographic surgery is considered the most effective technique for treating many basal cell carcinomas. What they do is inject area with a numbing agent and proceed to dig the tissue out. The surgeon cuts the tissue into sections, color codes them with dyes and draws a map of the surgical site. In the lab, a technician freezes the divided tissue, then cuts very thin horizontal slices like a layer cake. The slices are placed on microscope slides, stained and covered. This meticulous process takes time. Luckily for Sean he was one and done. His recovery was easy. Mild tenderness and an exterior scar that would heal over time.

BCC has left its imprint on Sean, he’s overly cautious about skin protection and realized that some of the damage could have occurred when he was younger. As youths we don’t really prioritize skincare protection. It’s imperative we educate EVERYONE about proper skincare and the importance of the use of sunscreen and how to correctly apply it.

Listed below are my top rated sunscreens:


Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector; Broad spectrum. Water resistance (80 mins)


Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport; (great for protecting skin from sunburn)


Equate Sunscreen; This SPF 50 sunscreen lotion gives your skin the UVA/UVB protection you need to help prevent sunburn. Equate's sunscreen is paraben-free so it's safe for the whole family to use.


Say Goodbye To Dry Skin With These Hydrating Mask

It’s that time of year where dryness runs rampant. Don’t fall victim to dull, dry skin.

Knowing is half the battle. Listed below you will find some amazing products that will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask- Sensory experiences mean something to me, so with that being said, the smell is amazing.

Watermelon is known for being very hydrating; its 95% water so there should be no hesitation on purchasing this mask. Available at at a price point of $45.00.

Ingredients include – Watermelon extract: Soothes irritated skin, hydrates and delivers essential vitamins.

Hyaluronic Acid ( love this stuff) Hydrates and visibly plumps skin.

AHA- Exfoliates, hydrates to reveal smoother skin. Refines pores.

Peony Root- Brightens and soothes.

How to use-  This can be used as a sleeping mask or a 10-minute wear and rinse mask.  Mix mask with the spoon that comes with the product, the application should be patting not rubbing the skin. If worn overnight it will absorb into the skin rinse with Luke warm water in the a.m.

Gallery 5.jpg

Fresh Rose Face Mask- Take time to appreciate the rose petals in this glorious mask.  Available at at a price point of $62.00.

I personally enjoy the cooling feeling and love that it’s a gel-like texture. Oily skin types will enjoy the fact that the product is not heavy.

Ingredients-  Cucumber extract and Aloe Vera are calming agents.

Antioxidant- Green Tea helps brighten and protect the skin.

How to use- Apply the mask and rinse for 5 to 10 minutes.


100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask– Oh it’s 2 in 1? Add to cart! Available at at a price point of $36.00.

For all my acne ridden people, this is the product for you. Clear your complexion, kill bacteria, and detoxify and purify your skin from future breakouts.

Walk away feeling refreshed, hydrated and most importantly not feeling oily.

Ingredients- Peppermint essential oil, Tea tree oil, Calendula officinalis flower extracts, Hemp seed is a few listed.

How to use-  Apply on wet face manipulate product with fingertips and wash off.

I could go on forever about amazing masks, but I’ll leave you with more options you can GOOGLE later.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask 

Pacifica Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Rehab Mask

The Body Shop At Home Facial Mask Experience 

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Mask

Herbivore Brighten Mask

For Skintertainment Purposes Only


Knock knock! Who’s there? 24 karat. 24 karat who? 24 karat gold facial that’s who.

Nothing says expensive like 24 karat gold on your face. The price of gold doesn’t go down but aging signs can be found all around.

This treatment is believed to improve skin texture, tone, appearance, redness, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration. Several companies market some sort of gold type treatment for home care use purchases. Look into your local high end spa’s , it’s definitely viewed as a luxurious treatment.

Price tag for this for treatment ranges from $300.00 to $1200.00. Models, actresses and even some of your favorite social media bloggers love this treatment.

How can you at home achieve this 24k magic? No fear here’s a list of products available for purchase.

Gallery 6.jpg

1. 24 karat gold mask by Peter Thomas Roth

With a promise of firming, lifting and brightening it sounds like a plan I can stand behind .

Who doesn’t need a pick me up and shine. Available at sephora at a price point of  $80.00 for 5oz.

Gallery 7.jpg

2. 24 Karat Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil.

Huge trend I’m seeing is oil based face treatments.

Formulated with plant based oils this will leave your skin feeling soft, glowing and hydrated . This oil seals in moisture while nurturing the skin.

Available for purchase at . Price point is $24.99 for .40 oz.


3. Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentration with Pure Gold.

I’m a serum/ gel based product kinda gal myself and this baby does the trick. I always apply serums/gels with nitrile gloves on so my hands aren’t absorbing all of my product .

I’m a greedy little monster that needs all my nutrients (yum,yum,yum,yum,yum.)

Application below??

Take a small amount of gel on the back of your hand and gently apply to your face, working outwards to even out creases and smooth lines. Wait a few seconds before applying foundation. The secret of absolute radiance: mix a few drops of fluid foundation and L’Or in the palm of your hand for an incredibly light texture.

Available for purchase at Neiman Marcus for $74.00 for 1 oz.


4. Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream.  $420.00 for 1.7 oz .

5. La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold. $675.00 for 1.0 oz.

Splurge items available at

The road to skin envy can a windy one with ups, downs, twist and turns but be persistent, seek treatment for skin concerns.

Contact your local Esthetician for a skin consultation. Create a plan that suits you and be diligent with your home care.

What’s your skintiment secrets?


Please share with your friends so you all can put your best face forward.

Silk'n Skin Treatment

Aging. We all do it. We are looking for solutions to turn back the hands of time or at least slow it down.


Drumroll, please?

I give you the Silk’n Titan.

What is it? 

The Silk’n Titan is an anti-aging device that works with harmonized energy technology to reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours. Designed to be used on all areas of the face and neck, this revolutionary technology repairs collagen and elastin fibers from the inside out.*
Titan technology delivers energy to precise areas beneath the skin to activate your body’s natural restoration process. Titan tightens skin.*

What will it do? 

• Tightens skin
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
• Reduces superficial sun and age spots
• Improves the structure and elasticity of the skin
• Rejuvenates collagen and elastin fibers
• No recovery time needed

*Results may vary based on skin type and degree of laxity in skin

The beauty of evolution is now having the accessibility to these gadgets.

Homecare is vital to any skin care regiment.

Gallery 8.jpg

Items that are a must:



•Serums/ Creams



All These things play a part in skincare never rely on just one thing.

When you exercise your body gets used to the workout and eventually you plateau, and have to add something NEW. The same can be said for your skin.

Cleansers strip the skin of all oil, dirt, and debris, allowing your serums or creams to do their job.

Let’s add this little gadget to the mix here.

Always consult with your Dr. if you’re dealing with serious skincare issues before adding devices.

How to use: 

Start with clean skin. Make sure Skin is dry before applying the gel that comes with the Titan. This gel is required to carry out your treatments. It is important that you apply a thin layer of gel to your skin before you start treatment.


Silk’n: Slider Gel

Without the gel, the device will not work. The water-based product not only moisturizes but also helps to guide the device. It ensures that Silk’n Titan moves easily over your skin and prevents it from overheating and reddening. (Per product instructions.)

Treatment areas include: 

•Forehead (including in between brows)
•Right Cheek (including around eyes)
•Left Cheek (including around the eyes)
•Right Lower Cheek (including nasolabial fold, or, laugh lines around the mouth, and jawline)
•Left Lower Cheek (including nasolabial fold and jawline)

Often people make the mistake of not including the neck and the décolleté when cleansing the skin (always include.) Young face/aged neck doesn’t flow well.

When treating the areas mentioned above give yourself 10/15 minutes in each zone. Hold the apparatus against the skin.

Wash your face as remove any residual gel, then apply facial lotion or a mask.

As the days become weeks your skin will THANK YOU!

Titan is available for purchase at or at a price point of $269.00


Age gracefully.

Charcoal, Social Media's Must Have


Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, everywhere you look charcoal is being used. Skin concerns, makeup and teeth whitening remedies, it’s a trend I’m on board with.


Activated charcoal is an oxidized version of the charcoal used for outdoor grills and barbecues. It is an extremely absorbent substance used in hospitals to treat patients with poisoning. You can also purchase activated charcoal as an ingestible supplement to remove toxins from the body. When applied topically to the teeth, black charcoal lifts stains and eradicates bacteria due to its adhesive properties. But, the potential side effects have yet to be fully determined.

When it comes to teeth whitening, the jury is still out on this one. Charcoal BINDS, removes tartar (yes) but, can also bind to medications and also deprive your body of some nutrients.

Summer, Summer, Summer time! You can get extremely oily, and using a charcoal cleanser removes excess oil and mattifies the skin.

Some acne products contain charcoal due to the belief that it will bind/ remove toxins, oil and dirt therefore creating the charcoal craze (we all want clear skin.)

I experimented with activated charcoal today in a DIY eyeshadow attempt and I wasn’t disappointed.

Grab yourself a bottle of  activated charcoal capsules (Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS).

Tools Needed:

  • 2 glass makeup jars

  • Small eyeliner brush

  • Flat concealer brush

  • Setting spray or water

  • Instructions


Empty contents from the capsule in makeup jar and have a second glass jar handy. You can add water in this jar, or you can use a setting spray. I opted for my Posholgy Coconut and Rose spray.

You can add water to the powder expelled from the capsule or you can simply spray your brush and dip into the substance.

Total time 5 minutes!

Amount of money spent, $6.52 from Walmart. Prices will vary depending on size and where you purchase from.


Charcoal keeps it lit in more ways than one! It’s not just for BBQ(ing), it’s for slaying , allowing you to put your best face forward!